Dye. Dyeing. Dyed.

I had a lot of white lace around the house so I bought some Dylon dye while I was downtown a few days ago. I was REALLY nervous about using it but it turned out wonderfully! Here are some pictures of the before, during and after.

Here are the raw materials.

Dye, salt, water, lace and a little pot that survived the 20 minutes of simmering without becoming pink itself.

And the results. After rinsing the fabric I was pleased to discover that the items had turned out a couple of different colours, depending on the material. I was concerned the long lace wouldn't even dye (fearing it was too synthetic and treated) but it, along with the venise lace bow, turned out closest to the package colour (Rose of Paris). I am super happy about the bright and vibrant red pieces!! It's like I got a two for one deal on the price and the work.

I cannot wait to use these freshly coloured items and to use the other dye colours I purchased!