Finally Friday - Necklaces.

These lovelies were so quick and easy to make. I don't know how many will make it to my Etsy shop as I plan to keep most of them for an upcoming craft fair. Many do not yet have clasps (must return downtown to get more) but I will be looking for the lobster claw style. Sorry the pictures are not really the greatest. Didn't put much effort in, admittedly... It's just for a quick sneak peek after all! (Also some of them got turned sideways and I cannot get them back to normal...)

This necklace is a collar piece with a sweet vintage button in gold and blue. Strung on a brass tone chain.

This one is a venise lace bow with a white vintage button. Strung on a brass tone chain.

This is a large venise lace decal cut into a large and small piece strung on silver tone chain.

This is a simple left and right collar piece strung on brass tone chain. I may put something in the middle if I can find a suitable item.

A golden anchor decal on brass tone chain.

A large white venise lace decal on a silver tone chain with a soft yellow lace bow.


Anonymous said...

I love the collar pieces! They are so vintage and chic.

Very clever, I'd dress it up with a button for sure.

Rosebud Beads said...

Thank you!

Yes! I think a sweet little button would do the trick. I love that necklace. Looks so good with a strapless dress!