I never could get the hang of Thursdays. - Crochet

Still no job offers.

Still no sunshine.

Must spend day learning to crochet flower and leaves. Help me out here youtube.

I should also:

-dye some lace so I can use it for necklaces.
-figure out square foot gardening so we can get the supplies.
-sand broken plates to be used for necklaces. (I need a real tool for this please...)
-finish up my craft fair displays (possibly even making a tutorial as I go)
-plan this weekend and figure out exactly what I need to get now so that I may come up with a budget and an itinerary (because shops are so all over the place you really need to know where you are going and in what order).

Also I have to figure out how I am getting to this event. Obviously not because I have talents in the open mic department but so I can meet some like minded people (the woman organizing this event is the woman organizing the craft fair). I might even make a friend! I do love a reason to go to Roncesvalles!

Must go eat breakfast.