Rosebud Collections

Family and friends,

As a result of my upcoming foray into the exciting world of urban craft fairs, and taking into account the increasing diversity of my jewelry and crafts, I have decided to change my name from Rosebud Beads to Rosebud Collections. I'm about to be meeting many new people with similar interests and I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that I shouldn't move forward with the same name but that I should instead reinvent myself somewhat for this new era of my business. It may seem like a simple change but to me it feels like a huge step. I've outgrown my former name, and while it feels good to know how much I have grown and learned over the past couple of years there is a small price to pay for the change.

I will be making a new facebook group (and Etsy page and blog) with the new name. I hope that you will bear with me through this final request to join one of my groups. I know I asked you recently to switch from a group to a fan page, as many people have been doing, but this will be the last. 

You can find the new group here:!/pages/Rosebud-Collections/113617728663606

And here is my new etsy shop (although nothing is up yet!):

And blog (There won't be anything there until at least Monday):

Thank you so much for your continued support. Stay tuned!

Wishful Thinking Wednesday - Wine Bottle Glasses

Usually this post is reserved for things I could never even dream of making but this project is something I feel is only slightly out of reach. I'm sure if I had the right tool I could manage these. Maybe I am being naive??? Either way I fell in love with these amazing glasses instantly. Upcycled wine bottle glasses.  I was pointed in their direction by an Etsy post on Facebook and I adore them!

Toronto Tuesday - Bead Junction

Today I went for an incredible bike ride and happened to pop in to Bead Junction on Roncesvalles. This was my first time visiting the store but it very quickly earned the right to be featured on my blog for one simple reason. They carry E6000. My long search is over! I have been to dozens of art supply and hobbyist stores over the last few months but always left empty handed (or at least, if we're being honest, with a bag of everything but adhesive!). Their prices are reasonable and their selection is large and varied. I cannot wait to return!

Roncesvalles is one of my very favourite neighbourhoods in the city so look forward to seeing many more fantastic businesses from that area highlighted here!

Dye. Dyeing. Dyed.

I had a lot of white lace around the house so I bought some Dylon dye while I was downtown a few days ago. I was REALLY nervous about using it but it turned out wonderfully! Here are some pictures of the before, during and after.

Here are the raw materials.

Dye, salt, water, lace and a little pot that survived the 20 minutes of simmering without becoming pink itself.

And the results. After rinsing the fabric I was pleased to discover that the items had turned out a couple of different colours, depending on the material. I was concerned the long lace wouldn't even dye (fearing it was too synthetic and treated) but it, along with the venise lace bow, turned out closest to the package colour (Rose of Paris). I am super happy about the bright and vibrant red pieces!! It's like I got a two for one deal on the price and the work.

I cannot wait to use these freshly coloured items and to use the other dye colours I purchased!

Finally Friday - Jewellery displays

I have (more or less) completed my first jewellery display. I used an old frame, some foam and some fabric. It's being held together thanks to my staple gun and luck. It turned out reasonably well, but will not hold earrings. Only necklaces. Not too bad a thing though as I have another frame I can put some screen or chicken wire in.

Here is a terrible picture of the front of my display.

And the unfinished back:

I need to get something to stand it up on and I should probably cover up that gaping hole...

I am going to make four smaller ones from trays I found at the dollar store and then painted. I will take pictures of all of the steps as I go and then I will post them here. It's a very simple process and they end up looking really professional.

I never could get the hang of Thursdays. - Crochet

Still no job offers.

Still no sunshine.

Must spend day learning to crochet flower and leaves. Help me out here youtube.

I should also:

-dye some lace so I can use it for necklaces.
-figure out square foot gardening so we can get the supplies.
-sand broken plates to be used for necklaces. (I need a real tool for this please...)
-finish up my craft fair displays (possibly even making a tutorial as I go)
-plan this weekend and figure out exactly what I need to get now so that I may come up with a budget and an itinerary (because shops are so all over the place you really need to know where you are going and in what order).

Also I have to figure out how I am getting to this event. Obviously not because I have talents in the open mic department but so I can meet some like minded people (the woman organizing this event is the woman organizing the craft fair). I might even make a friend! I do love a reason to go to Roncesvalles!

Must go eat breakfast.

Wishful Thinking Wednesdays

Cut out and keep posted this papercut necklace on facebook today.

 I know for a fact I could never make this. Not even with practise. It's just not going to happen for me. But I very much wish that it could. It's so lovely and special! But alas. I cannot even make a nice paper snowflake....

In other wish related news I applied for several jobs yesterday so I am hoping they call me or email me back soon! There is a store hiring at Duffeirn Mall that called me for an interview the last time I was looking for employment but it's a shoe store and it doesn't look like a great place to work (I have seen a VERY pregnant lady climb a ladder too many times to think they give a damn about their employees). So it's in my back pocket for now. Two options I am rooting for are Costa Blanca and Lens-Crafters... but only because I really want new glasses and it would be a super easy and fun job to help others find nice glasses. It would be nice to find a "grown up""real" job but I'm happy to do retail for the summer.

Ultimate wish for today.... I want the sun to come out! It's so dark it feels like it's 8pm!

Toronto Tuesday - Rush Hour

Rush Hour is a sweet little Portuguese restaurant that literally sits across the street from our couch house in Davenport. All that stands between me and a delightful dining experience, a quick pint or a bowl of comforting soup (for days when one of us is sick) is our outdoor loving neighbours and the traffic of Dufferin Street.

The restaurant is self described as Casual European dining but to a small town girl like me, it's pretty fancy. The atmosphere is relaxed with a mixture of antiques, a large gilded mirror (antique, not tacky), dark rich colours, a glorious wooden bar, flowing drapes, candles and wonderful soft music (that altogether avoids an air of cheese).

The food is always fantastic. From the heavenly fresh bread and hummus (that I always fill up on!) to the filet mignon to the pork tenderloin to the wide array of pastas to the $4 soups (large portions served in very unique bowls), you are sure to be pleased. They also have a varied tapas menu and even the fries are wonderful! The only thing I didn't absolutely love was the seafood. But to be fair I am an Island girl who grew up on the Atlantic and I am used to having the finest seafood. I would say the same about any restaurant here that serves even Pacific salmon. It's just different from what I grew up on.

I am not much for wine lists and generally go for a moderately priced white (never red) so it suits me just fine that they have a small menu of reds and whites and a Vinho Verde that is, to my pallet and wallet, divine. They only have two beers on tap, which to my hubby is a sort of tragedy, but sensible for a smaller establishment. They are always microbrews and for most Steam Whistle is a great choice here in Toronto. I prefer Mill St. but have noticed many visiting musicians from the East Coast with a green bottle in hand. Perhaps they do not know about Mill St.? Perhaps this will educate a few.
Check out this feature from March on Rachel McAdams website Green is Sexy. which I was directed to initially by my friend Andrea. The other tap is usually reserved for a Barrie brew, Flying Monkeys, which my partner thinks is pretty darn good.

All in all it is a wonderful place to eat. The chef is very talented (not to mention CUTE) and the owner is extremely friendly and a wonderful server!! Our relatively frequent visits have put us in his good graces which often results in unexpected extras (such as surprise desert delights!!). It's nice to know your neighbours.

Finally Friday - Necklaces.

These lovelies were so quick and easy to make. I don't know how many will make it to my Etsy shop as I plan to keep most of them for an upcoming craft fair. Many do not yet have clasps (must return downtown to get more) but I will be looking for the lobster claw style. Sorry the pictures are not really the greatest. Didn't put much effort in, admittedly... It's just for a quick sneak peek after all! (Also some of them got turned sideways and I cannot get them back to normal...)

This necklace is a collar piece with a sweet vintage button in gold and blue. Strung on a brass tone chain.

This one is a venise lace bow with a white vintage button. Strung on a brass tone chain.

This is a large venise lace decal cut into a large and small piece strung on silver tone chain.

This is a simple left and right collar piece strung on brass tone chain. I may put something in the middle if I can find a suitable item.

A golden anchor decal on brass tone chain.

A large white venise lace decal on a silver tone chain with a soft yellow lace bow.

I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

Ugh. It's a nice day out and I should be looking forward to a long weekend with my honey but instead I am annoyed and uninspired (and highly unattractively sulky)!

I have a total lack of materials, which is perhaps what I deserve for buying so many things on Ebay. But it's so very hard to find reasonably priced hardware here in Toronto that is of any sort of decent quality. Almost none of the major shops sell sterling silver headpins or hooks. I would love to be able to make my own and am fully aware of the process but I would need a blow torch that could slightly melt the silver and that is entirely out of the question for this little place. Also I would have to find sterling silver wire and that would certainly prove impossible. Wah wah, I know. I really just need to make some good contacts in Toronto and find out about some shared studio spaces that I could get in on a couple of times a month. Hopefully the craft fair will prove useful!

Speaking of which. I am sitting on a large quantity of new pieces but don't know if I should bother putting them up on Etsy. I could just keep them until the craft fair (where I feel they have a damn good chance of selling) or I could put them on Etsy for the (almost free) advertising but maybe not have them move. (Once I get the shop full I will really have to invest in some advertising. There are a few sites already that I would gladly pay for exposure.) I have about 20 lace necklaces that no one has even seen yet. They are so quick and easy to make that every time I get supplies I use them up the very same day! I always end up with more ideas than supplies. Perhaps I could put up a few simple ones and save the very special ones (with vintage buttons or crystals) for my table.

Oh well. I will figure it all out eventually!

Wishful Thinking Wednesdays! Biscuit Quilt

A biscuit quilt! What I wouldn't give to be able to make a biscuit quilt! My hand sewing skills are limited to awkwardly fixing a small section of a seam and sewing on a button. To attempt this would leave my fingers damaged irreparably! But how sweet! Perfect for a baby! Soft and squishy! Click on the picture to be linked to the original posting and for instructions (additional instructions are in the comments section).

Toronto Tuesday! Fashion Crimes and Fresh Collective.

What do you do when you have a girlfriend coming into town? You go shopping of course! Obviously I am dirt poor right now, what with still not having found a job, but it's still so much fun to drool over locally made dresses!!

I would like to highlight two of my favourite stores from our downtown misadventures! Hopefully this will not take forever! The extent of my willingness to gush over these boutiques is legendary in its vastness.

The first is Pam Chorley's Fashion Crimes. The original Queen West boutique! Full of glamorous dresses for all ages, glittering accessories, loyal and enthusiastic employees and customers searching for a unique garment (or two). They always have amazing window displays and as soon as you enter it's like walking into a VERY large (and surreal) closet with dresses hanging from all available spaces. It's comfortable and cozy from the second you walk in but it is incredibily exciting each and every time you come back! 

This store is awe inspiring.

I was once lucky enough to get a gorgeous trench, 3/4 length sleeves, white with blue flowers and green leaves, matching fabric covered buttons and a waste tie for 50$ on sale from 400$. It's finally going to be nice enough for me to wear it as Toronto is on the verge of a freak hot spell (upwards of 25 degrees C!).

The second boutique I would like to cover is second only because it is newest to me. Certainly not because it is lacking in great fashion! Fresh Collective is a designer run collective with a bit of everything. Adorable dresses, silk screened t-shirts, baby clothes, re-purposed knits with witty animal appliqués and (my personal favourite) a lot of unique jewellery! After falling in love with a brown corduroy dress featuring a retro bird print in blue, green and red in a 60s housewife cut (a total steal at 49$) and a quasi sweetheart top with puffed sleeves (for 85$) I was informed the designer was none other than Laura-Jean herself, store owner and designer of  Fresh Baked Goods.

I did not end up with either of these items (although I am still kicking myself over that dress) but instead got a forest green sweater vest with a silk screened image of a deer with a tree sprouting from it's antlers and a deep v-neck shirt with a lovely layering of trims running from the bottom, up behind the neck and then down around the front once more. Marie purchased a lovely tote bag by Norma W in houndstooth with a little robot appliqué.

It was easy to fall in love with this shop. See the website for a complete list of designers!

Pearls and Lace

A few days ago I put together this sweet pair of earrings and am now becoming hard pressed to put together another outfit I can wear them with. I love them.

This pair is a vibrant green lace, with vintage faux pearls on sterling silver findings. The earrings look different when you have them in. They don't have wire through them so they hang like wonderfully large floppy bows!

I got a few compliments over the weekend which was inspiring. Having people who work at places like Fashion Crimes talk to you about how much they like your accessories is very VERY encouraging. I'm sure they are constantly seeing a lot of really fabulous things.

What a week!

I haven't posted at all this week. I was just too busy being sick! I think I got either a slight case of the flu or food poisoning or I ate too much. I can't be sure. I am on the mend now and armed with new supplies. Hopefully I'll have something to show you on Monday!

New projects!

What a nice weekend!

I went shopping with my partner to pick up some necessities for an upcoming craft fair. While out we picked up a lot of really great records and awesome Avengers tapes! We also went to The Madison Ave Pub for a surprise birthday party, which was very nice. I think everyone had a really good time!

In my free time this weekend (and while watching The Avengers) I learned to make 3 new things and I wanted to share them with you even if they did not turn out all that well! But for first attempts I think they are rather good! So here they are:

First is a tree pendant. Commonly known as a "Tree of Life" Pendant... but I don't love that name... The wire I have is not at all the proper gauge for this project. The outer ring got really bent up and the beads ended up not being as close to the hoop as I would have liked. But still for a first go I am pretty impressed with the results.

Then I attempted some bird nests. This first one turned out somewhat boring as I hadn't used enough wire to get it looking really thick and layered.

I much prefer the design of this, my second attempt. The wires look much more organic.

I also attempted to make wire rings. Only thing is I don't own a mandrel so I had to improvise what to use for the form. Everything turned out far too large or too small this way! But have a look anyhow. I'm sure with a mandrel I could make quite a few nice little rings. (The ring with the green stone bead was the first one I made).

It's nice to be able to expand into other areas, as I have been doing a lot lately. Especially since I run out of headpins so quickly and then have to wait for more to arrive before I can make earrings. This way I will always have something to keep me busy! (At least until I run out of those supplies as well!)

Oh! I picked up a few vintage watch parts on our Saturday outing and I am very excited about the prospect of a post detailing my first Steampunk design! EEP!

Find it in the Library

I recently picked up a few books from the library as I have read so many of the books on my own shelves. My local library is teeny tiny but that doesn't stop me from spending more time playing out elaborate fantasies in my mind about pencil skirts, sexy up-dos and WONDERFUL GLASSES than I do looking for books.

Here are just a few items I feel every librarian should have!

Such a smart necklace. Perfect for any avid reader in your life.

This chair is really more for a private library on your country estate to go with candles and large tinted windows and a very lovely ladder attached to your towering, dark stained wooden shelves. With doors that lead to the garden where you take your tea... Oh my. I think I'm getting carried away.

I love these cards. The design is such a wonderful combination of printing methods.

Such a precious top. Perfect for any dreamer.

In my romantic version of being a librarian they are only ever seen stocking the shelves and assisting the public in a pencil skirt. This one is exquisite.

I could go on and on but I thought looking up heels and glasses might be dangerous for my wallet!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Welcome, Baby Dexter!

My cousin Michelle had a wonderful baby boy today! Needless to say I have babies on the brain! Here are a few lovely items perfect for any little one! I made an emphasis on things for little boys but many of the shops I am linking to have similar items available in fabrics perfect for little girls... so check them out!!

An adorable little nautical themed hat and booties set!

Wonderful herbal bath for baby. (There are many great natural options in this shop for mom, as well!)

A lovely diaper bag!

A special elephant rattle made from organic fabrics!

I simply adore this magnet! (Obviously keep this one far from baby!)

Cute alphabet cloth diaper. Read the item description to learn more about the negative impact that disposable diapers have on the environment.

This changing mat is too cute for words! I love baby items with animal motifs!

The sweetest cowboy themed bib and burp set!

And a cute diaper bag for mom. This baby has 7 pockets! (I really love a bag with pockets.)

These wonderful items could help to prepare any new mom for her little bundle of joy! Many items are missing of course but I looked at so many items I was fearing a cuteness overload!

Wishful Thinking Wednesday

Today the thing I wish I could do but know, if attempted, could very well end in tears is...

This kind of marvellous stencil work! I mean look at this!

I'd give my left leg to have arms capable of this! It adds such drama and elegance. (Not that my little apartment has the wonderful wooden detailing that compliments the stencils so perfectly.)

This one is my favourite but it's a two step process making it a little more difficult for the dexterity challenged, even with such well thought out templates!

If you love decorating for yourself and have the arms and the eyes to pull it all off (as I'm sure most people in the world do!) click on the pictures to see more by CuttingEdgeStencils.

Shopping day!

No post for yesterday as I was downtown dragging a visiting friend, Diane, through Queen West to all of my stores of choice! RECAP!

First we had a wonderful brunch at Fran's at Yonge and College. I was given so much food I had to give almost all of my untouched home fries to the first homeless guy I could find, not wanting to waste them but not wanting to carry them around all afternoon either. I hope he enjoyed them.

The weather was wonderful as we made our way down Yonge to Queen West and only improved as the day went on. Diane being able to pull on her sunglasses and me being able to throw my coat into my backpack as I had a nice little sweater on.

Our first stop was at Active Surplus. I found lovely little vials with corks. They were not paired together however and the mess of boxes they were scattered throughout were not at all self explanatory. With the incalculable help of Diane, we managed to find matches for most of the little bottles that I had taken a liking to.

And here they are!

I have big plans! Even my partner has big plans for these babies, sharing them with me last night over dinner. His imagination is top notch.

After that we made our way to my most favourite place in the city! There is a wonderful stretch of Queen West between Spadina and Bathurst that is simply crawling with bead and fabric stores! I went into one small shop and was able to locate a wondrous selection of chains that just so happened to be from 30-50% off. I picked up enough to make approximately 20-25 necklaces for around 13$. Not bad! That said I picked nice coloured chains that I do not have matching clasps for. Oh well! An excuse to go again!

I finally found some lace suitable for making bib necklaces. My first find was great. Usable as is. My second was a nice pattern but it needed to be dyed. The shiny white colour was so awful!!! All I could think was 80s bridal horror! But it was an easy fix. I used tea and Kool-aid mix for the dye as it was all I'd had on hand. To do this I simply boiled some water, steeped the tea/stirred in the kool-aid and then dropped in the bits of lace.

They both turned out pretty well! I am especially fond of the tea dyed piece, it smells so lovely.


My brain clearly thinks the weekend has started early. I had such plans for today! Finish a bio for my Etsy shop. Do write ups for and price new items. Make spreadsheets to keep track of money out/money in (out>in). Post more pieces as I haven't for the last three days (so bad!).

But instead! I slept in until 12:30 because my kitten was being cute and cuddly and she is almost never like that with me. Then I had a phone call with my mom during which we discussed such riveting topics as what to do with my tax forms (as I got paid in two provinces this year). Bank fess. And an argument over how long it takes to get to NFLD. Which was highly amusing at first since she thought I meant from Toronto and not from P.E.I., and really, why wouldn't she.

Now it is rainy and grey and sad outside. Doubly sad since we have had so much nice sunshine. Maybe I took it for granted? I'm sure if I write it a nice letter it will come back soon.

So now I have about 3 hours until the ball and chain gets home from work. Then we are making some supper for a couple friends. One of them recently bought a pin from my shop! So she is going to be picking that up also. Which reminds me of another thing I was supposed to do... I have to let everyone who looks at my shop know that I am willing to do pick ups for anyone in Toronto. So they don't have to play silly amounts of shipping and so I don't have to waste mailers and packaging.

Let's see how much work I can get done before this evening. I have a nice weekend to look forward to if the sun comes out. I hope it does so that I might ride my bike around the city!

First time for everything!

I just signed up for my very first craft fair! Holy excited and ANXIOUS!! So much work to get done. So much motivation. I've got so much nervous energy now... I cannot wait to finish my business cards (or rather... I cannot wait until my partner finishes my business cards)! I cannot wait to make up some sort of display! I cannot wait to make price tags for everything! I cannot wait to print off a spreadsheet to keep track of my (potential) sales! I cannot wait to see what else is there!


In other news. Heading to the Tranzac tonight to see The Silt. First time for both. Pretty excited. Going with friends new and old!

...I think I just got the hang of Thursdays.

What would we be ...

...without wishful thinking Wednesdays?

A new blog segment!!

Every Wednesday I will be posting something I wish to make that is currently outside of my skill level but not entirely unachievable (you know if I really tried... and tried... got frustrated... gave up... started over, etc.).

Here is the first!

Crochet dinosaurs!! Oh so very cute! Oh so very, very out of my league!...

Patterns are available for purchase through this site

At the first sign of Spring, us dreamers take notice.

As a native to Prince Edward Island, I know winter. I also know that just because spring is scheduled to arrive on March 20th does not always mean that it will. March 20th can be right smack in the middle of snow storm central on the East Coast. Therefore, when a warm couple of days rolls around, no one gets their hopes up.

However! Currently in Toronto, the sun is shining, there is no snow to be found anywhere, and all weekend it was over 9 degrees Celsius. I just can't help myself! I'm thinking about floral dresses, ballet flats, sun hats, parasols, and EVEN sandals! I have been stung before and my poor heart should know better. However I am well aware of how brutally hot this looming summer will be and here in Toronto winter has been a joke. I would walk 25 minutes to work in the middle of January in tights, a skirt (or dress) and completely nonsensical boots.

I feel the time is right to get excited!

Here are a few goodies I have searched out for all of you so that I might complete my obligatory "spring is nigh" post in style. Click on a photo if you wish to see more from the shop it came from!

Some home decor. Bring Spring to you!

Sun Protection

A miniature I would love to have full sized.

Jewellery! Of course!

Beautiful garments

The sunglasses

The bag

Now to find a job that can support my crafting addiction AND my Spring wardrobe!!