Wishful Thinking Wednesdays

Cut out and keep posted this papercut necklace on facebook today.

 I know for a fact I could never make this. Not even with practise. It's just not going to happen for me. But I very much wish that it could. It's so lovely and special! But alas. I cannot even make a nice paper snowflake....

In other wish related news I applied for several jobs yesterday so I am hoping they call me or email me back soon! There is a store hiring at Duffeirn Mall that called me for an interview the last time I was looking for employment but it's a shoe store and it doesn't look like a great place to work (I have seen a VERY pregnant lady climb a ladder too many times to think they give a damn about their employees). So it's in my back pocket for now. Two options I am rooting for are Costa Blanca and Lens-Crafters... but only because I really want new glasses and it would be a super easy and fun job to help others find nice glasses. It would be nice to find a "grown up""real" job but I'm happy to do retail for the summer.

Ultimate wish for today.... I want the sun to come out! It's so dark it feels like it's 8pm!