Toronto Tuesday - Rush Hour

Rush Hour is a sweet little Portuguese restaurant that literally sits across the street from our couch house in Davenport. All that stands between me and a delightful dining experience, a quick pint or a bowl of comforting soup (for days when one of us is sick) is our outdoor loving neighbours and the traffic of Dufferin Street.

The restaurant is self described as Casual European dining but to a small town girl like me, it's pretty fancy. The atmosphere is relaxed with a mixture of antiques, a large gilded mirror (antique, not tacky), dark rich colours, a glorious wooden bar, flowing drapes, candles and wonderful soft music (that altogether avoids an air of cheese).

The food is always fantastic. From the heavenly fresh bread and hummus (that I always fill up on!) to the filet mignon to the pork tenderloin to the wide array of pastas to the $4 soups (large portions served in very unique bowls), you are sure to be pleased. They also have a varied tapas menu and even the fries are wonderful! The only thing I didn't absolutely love was the seafood. But to be fair I am an Island girl who grew up on the Atlantic and I am used to having the finest seafood. I would say the same about any restaurant here that serves even Pacific salmon. It's just different from what I grew up on.

I am not much for wine lists and generally go for a moderately priced white (never red) so it suits me just fine that they have a small menu of reds and whites and a Vinho Verde that is, to my pallet and wallet, divine. They only have two beers on tap, which to my hubby is a sort of tragedy, but sensible for a smaller establishment. They are always microbrews and for most Steam Whistle is a great choice here in Toronto. I prefer Mill St. but have noticed many visiting musicians from the East Coast with a green bottle in hand. Perhaps they do not know about Mill St.? Perhaps this will educate a few.
Check out this feature from March on Rachel McAdams website Green is Sexy. which I was directed to initially by my friend Andrea. The other tap is usually reserved for a Barrie brew, Flying Monkeys, which my partner thinks is pretty darn good.

All in all it is a wonderful place to eat. The chef is very talented (not to mention CUTE) and the owner is extremely friendly and a wonderful server!! Our relatively frequent visits have put us in his good graces which often results in unexpected extras (such as surprise desert delights!!). It's nice to know your neighbours.